ORPAC Latino School of Ministry expands class list
Friday, March 30, 2012
Portland, Oregon
By NCN News Staff
The Oregon-Pacific District Latino Ministry recently conducted the first of four Church Planning Essentials classes in Spanish. The Dynamic Church Planting International curriculum is being taught by DCPI certified trainers and Nazarene pastors Mario Flores (Portland Adonai), Kevin Donley (Hillsboro), and Mario Zani.

"Church Planting Essentials open the eyes to the possibilities for the new church works," said Zani, the ORPAC Latino District coordinator.

Zani went on to say that Church Planting Essentials is a step-by-step way to put in motion a revolutionary strategy for the planting of a church.

"Dynamic Church Planting International, in association with our district and the general church, is committed to 'Equip leaders, churches, and associations to impact the planting of one million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ,'" he said.

The first class session included topics such as "The 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting," "Why Plant a Church," "The Lord of Church Planting," "Prayerful Planning," "VPT: Vision-Plan-TimeLine Assignment," and "A Planeed Approach to Church Planting." 

Zani said the class schedule integrates Bible principles, group work, a project-per-student, student presentations, a meal, coffee and goodies, and a lot of fellowship and prayer.

The ORPAC Latino School of Ministry incorporated this course as an intricate component of the Supervised Ministry course, one of the school's 12 courses. The Latino School of Ministry began in the fall of 2009 under the direction of Zani. There are currently 50 students enrolled in the program, which is under the ORPAC District Board of Ministerial Studies.

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